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How to Identify the Best Headhunter

Headhunters can be an efficient solution for you who want to recruit employees with specific skills. By hiring a headhunter, you will get help to find the best candidate for a job vacancy in your company in no time. However, you should be careful in choosing one. Here is how to identify the best headhunter.

Clear, Good Track Records

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a headhunter is their track record. The easiest way to find their track records is by checking their official website. Most professional headhunters have official websites. There, you can find any information you want to know. For example, their experience, how long they have been in the industry, client reviews, clients who have used their service, and so on. If you cannot find necessary information you want to know, do not hesitate to contact them.


If you want to know the headhunter’s credibility, look at their work process in serving clients. Generally, the trusted, best headhunter does not charge you in advance. They will only charge you according to the agreement you make with them and if they manage to find potential candidates for you. Moreover, professional headhunters do not only recruit candidates for their clients. But they also help to monitor the candidates’ performance.

They also provide a replacement guarantee if the candidate is not suitable for the position required by the company.

Knowledge About Related Skills, Roles, and Industries

Headhunters are not generalists. They are specialists who have knowledge about specific types of jobs, skills, and industries. Therefore, they are generally not just recruiters, but also consultants. Simply test the headhunter by asking about a role that you need. If they are able to respond to you well and give insights about the right candidate even before you mention your requirements, this means they have good knowledge.

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