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Career Counselor: Pros and Cons

In case you are considering whether to seek help from a career counselor, here are some pros and cons about them.

Pros of A Career Counselor

Let’s start with the advantages or pros of a career counselor:

  1. They will help you to identify your true attitude.
  2. You will gain more clarity in your minds and thoughts if you are seeking advice from them.
  3. You will have an objective perspective and guidance. Because a career counselor will guide you to the right path appropriate for you.
  4. You will be able to get a clear idea of your desired occupations.
  5. You will gain complete interest, and be able to choose the right stream of education.
  6. You will be offered a clear view of your career option that is available in society nowadays.
  7. They will give you support and motivation that will help you find the dream job that suits your skill and knowledge.
  8. You will be able to find out your true potential by doing regular aptitude tests and counseling sessions.
  9. You will know yourself a little better, by finding your strength and weakness that is gained by the guidance and tests they conduct.
  10. You will be able to set goals for career activities, which help you to learn the steps required to achieve your goal.
  11. You will learn more about the full range available in the job market.
  12. If you are unemployed, they can help you to guide you to do research. They also give you support and encouragement and give you advice while letting you learn about interviewing services.

Of course, there are always cons that follow after the pros, so here are the cons of a career counselor

Cons of A Career Counselor

Ready? Here are some of the cons of a career counselor:

  1. The result may not be satisfactory working in the chosen field.
  2. You could end up working in an unrelated job market apart from your degree.
  3. You might be confused when given several career choices that have multiple solutions.
  4. You could end up counseling with an unqualified, inexperienced, or perfect career counselor.
  5. You could end up with a fake career counselor.

So, there are the cons and pros of a career counselor, you could learn then hopefully, it will help you find what you need. Whether you are a student or professional who wants to improve yourself to a better you, seeking help from a career counselor may be the best answer for you. But remember all the cons of a career counselor. That will help you avoid fake or unqualified ones.

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