Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy constitutes a real commitment from Arts and Society – Iygu (hereinafter referred to as “A&S”) to respect and protect all personal data or information of the User (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) of site, its microsites, and mobile applications of A&S (hereafter referred to as “Site”).

This Privacy Policy (including the terms of use of A&S site as set out in the Terms & Conditions and other information provided on the Site) sets forth the basis for the obtainment, collection, processing, analysis, display, transfer, opening, storage, modification, removal and/or any form of management in relation to any data or information, which identifies or may be used to identify a User that is provided by the User to A&S or collected by A&S from the User or any third party (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”).

By clicking “Register” or any similar statement available on the Site registration page, the User represents that every Personal Data of the User is true and valid data, the User acknowledges that the User has been notified and understands the terms of this Privacy Policy and the User grants consent to A&S to obtain, collect, process, analyze, display, transfer, open, store, modify, remove and/or use the data for the purposes as set out in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English language. In case of conflict or discrepancies between both languages, the Bahasa Indonesia version will shall prevail.


  1. Cookies mean small files that will automatically take place on the User’s device which performs the function of storing User preferences and configurations while visiting a site.
  2. Cookies are not intended to be used when accessing other data that the User has on the User’s computer device, other than what the User has agreed to submit.
  3. Although the User’s computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User may choose to make modifications through the User’s browser setting, namely by choosing to reject cookies (this option may hinder the optimal availability of A&S’s services when the User accesses the Site).
  4. A&S is using Google Analytics Demographics and Interest features. Data obtained by A&S from such features, such as age, gender, User’s interest and other identifiable information of the User, will be used by A&S for the development of features, facilities and/or contents available on A&S Site. If the User does not wish for Google Analytics to track the User’s data, the User may use Add-On Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser.
  5. A&S may use the features provided by third parties for the purpose of improving A&S’s services and contents, including the assessment, adjustment and serving of advertisements to every User based on their interest or visit history. If the User does not wish for any advertisement to be displayed based on such adjustment, the User may set it via browser.

User Selection and Transparency

  1. Mobile devices in general (iOS and Android) have settings so that the A&S application cannot access certain data without the consent of the User. The iOS device will notify the User when the A&S application first requests access to the data, while the Android device will notify the User when the A&S application is first installed. By using the application and providing access to the application, the User is deemed to have given his/her consent to the collection and use of the User’s Personal Data on his/her device.
  2. After a successful sale and purchase transaction on the Site, the Seller and the Buyer (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) have the opportunity to rate and review one another. This information may be publicly viewable with the User’s consent.
  3. Users may access and modify information in the form of email address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, address list, payment method, and bank account through settings feature on the Site.
  4. Users may opt-out from information or notifications in the form of newsletters, reviews, product discussions, private messages, or private messages from the Admin sent by A&S through the settings feature on the Site. A&S may still send messages or emails in the form of transaction information or information related to the User’s account.
  5. Insofar not in contradiction with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, the User may contact A&S to withdraw the consent for the obtainment, collection, storage, management and use of the User’s data. In such event, the User understands the consequence that the User may no longer use the services of the Site and other A&S’s services.

Security, Storage and Removal of Users’ Personal Data

  1. A&S protects every User’s Personal Data stored in its system, and protect such data from any unauthorized access, use, modification, collection and/or disclosure by using a number of security measures and procedures, including password and OTP (One Time Password) code of the User.
  2. Users’ Personal Data may also be stored or processed abroad by parties working with A&S in other countries, or by third party service providers, vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors, or affiliates of A&S. In such event, A&S shall ensure that the Personal Data remains protected pursuant to A&S’s commitment in this Privacy Policy.
  3. Even though A&S has used its best effort to secure and protect the Users’ Personal Data, it should be noted that data transmission over the Internet is never fully secured. Therefore, A&S is unable to guarantee 100% the security of the data provided or transmitted to A&S by the User and the provision of information by the User shall be at the User’s own risk.
  4. A&S shall delete and/or anonymize the User’s Personal Data that is under A&S’s control in the event (i) the User’s Personal Data is no longer required to fulfill the purpose of its collection; and (ii) retention is no longer required for the purpose of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Please note that there remains a possibility that some Personal Data of the User is stored by other parties, including the authorized state agencies. In the event that we share the User’s Personal Data with the authorized state agencies and/or other agencies that may be appointed by the authorized government or having cooperation with A&S, the User agrees and acknowledges that the retention of the User’s Personal Data by such agency will follow the data retention policy of each agency.

Complaints related to Protection of Users’ Personal Data

  1. If the User has any concern with regard to the handling or treatment of A&S to the User’s Personal Data or if the User believes that the User’s privacy has been breached, the User may contact A&S through A&S customer service or to the A&S’s contact provided in this Privacy Policy by describing the identity and nature of complaint of the User.
  2. A&S shall investigate the User’s complaint and attempt to provide a response to such complaint within a reasonable period of time after receiving the complaint submitted by the User.

Privacy Policy Update

A&S may at any time amend or update this Privacy Policy. A&S advises the User to carefully read and check this Privacy Policy page from time to time to be aware of any amendment. By remain accessing and using the services of the Site or other A&S’s services, the User is deemed to agree to the amendments in this Privacy Policy.